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Caring for the environment

We have an excellent track record of building high quality new homes that are comfortable, highly energy and water efficient, and which aim to improve our customers’ quality of life. In choosing a new home from Countryside you are reducing your environmental footprint and saving money which, at this time of ever increasing utility costs, is important.

Today the world’s attention is firmly placed on combating climate change. Around 25% of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated in homes, and in Britain on average £1 in every £3 spent on energy in older homes is wasted immediately. However, a new home from Countryside is on average 6.5 times more energy efficient than one built just 30 years ago.


Our developments contribute to a higher quality of life by protecting the environment, promoting social cohesion and strengthening the local economy. In addition, our new homes are well designed, comfortable, safe and adaptable, and wherever possible they are constructed from materials that have a reduced impact on the environment.

In recognition of this we have received more than 100 awards for sustainability since 2000.

The Environment and the Code for Sustainable Homes

We are reducing our environmental impacts by measuring our schemes against the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes (the Code).

sustainablehomes.jpgThe Code offers our customers the benefits of reduced costs through superior energy and water efficiency, and reduced maintenance, as well as comfortable, healthy, and flexible internal living space. They therefore help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn safeguards the environment.

The Code for Sustainable Homes provides a comprehensive measure of the sustainability of individual new homes and developments. The Code ensures that new homes deliver measurable improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions and water use. Each development is rated from Code Level 1 through to zero carbon at Code Level 6. New homes for sale at Great Kneighton are required to have a minimum standard of Code Level 3 and affordable homes Code Level 4.

The Code covers nine categories including: energy and CO2 emissions; water; materials; surface water run-off; waste; pollution; health and well being; management and ecology. The Code ensures that new homes are designed and built in advance of current building regulations.