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Hobson’s Park at Great Kneighton is over four times the size of the open space in the centre of Cambridge known as Parker’s Piece. Totalling around 120 acres, it is the focus of the Great Kneighton development. It contains woodland, four ponds, one of which is a 50,000m2 bird reserve, allotments, playing fields for the new secondary school, and a range of play areas.

The construction and opening of the Country Park will take place in phases, the first of which is the southern phase, due to be formally opened to the public in 2017. The ponds are complete and the bird reserve is already proving to be very popular and is home to a wide variety of birds, and the floating nest islands have produced their first batch of chicks. One and a half miles of footpath has been laid linking the southern half of the Country Park to the rest of Great Kneighton. 

To date we have planted over 14,000 new trees including eighty large semi mature trees. Children from the local primary school assisted with the planting of over 600 saplings. Read more about this story.   

Allotments in various sizes have been construction within the southern section of the Country Park.  Residents from both Great Kneighton and the existing Trumpington Community can apply to the Council for an allotment.  The allotments will be open to the public once the Country Park has been adopted and formally opened by the City Council in 2017.

Country Park Phase 2

With the southern phase of the park now well established, work on the northern phase is now underway, after extensive consultation with local residents. It will offer plenty to keep residents active including a skate park, a children’s adventure play area, plenty of open spaces and picnic areas and a 1km trim trail.

The skate and BMX park, which can also be used by scooters and in-line skaters, was designed by Wheelscape incorporating ideas from local children. Artists Tom and Simon Bloor have designed an equipped play area for children of all ages. The bespoke ‘fitness stations’ along the 1km trim trail are the creation of Nils Norman, the artist who designed the bird screens.

It is anticipated that construction of the play areas and skate park will commence later in Spring 2017.


Country Park Phase 2


To download the Great Kneighton Country Park plan please click on the image below.

Great Kneighton Country Park plan